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What is the simple premise of investing with Core International?

Put simply, our partners invest money in our development projects. Both parties then share in the resulting profits, according to the respective investment tier (Blue, Purple, White or Black Diamond).

Why invest with Core International?

  • Minimum 20% profit
  • Strong Australian economy
  • Strong track record
  • Strong delivery credentials.

How much can I invest?

You can invest from $10,000 up to $100,000,000.

Who can invest?

  • Your company
  • Your trust
  • Your self-managed superfund
  • Non-residents of Australia
  • Institutions.

How long does the investment and development process take?

Process length will generally vary from eight to 18 months, depending on the project.

What return do I get?

You will receive a minimum of 20% profit.

Why invest in West Australian developments?

  • Fastest rate of population growth in Australia
  • Strong housing demand
  • Nation-leading mining industry
  • Highest wages and lowest unemployment.

What type of developments will I be investing in?

  • Commercial developments (industrial warehouses, showrooms and offices)
  • Residential developments (apartments and residential villas)
  • Land subdivisions.